Stepping Off Solid Ground to Get Grounded

There is something truly grounding about becoming comfortable with something previously uncomfortable.

It’s not always a physical grounding, although it may come from a physical experience. It’s an internal grounding that no one can touch. It feels steady, balanced, peaceful, rooted, and free.

This is an interesting topic to me because there are lots of things I am very uncomfortable with. Approaching them over and over and seeing the discomfort soften ever so slowly is fascinating and beautiful.

I experienced this in the ocean recently. It’s been a while since I’ve been out in winter surf, which is generally bigger and stronger than summer surf. I discovered doubt and fear had moved in and made themselves at home while I’d been spending the majority of my time doing yoga. Revisiting fear and discomfort on my yoga mat over and over again and becoming comfortable with that process is a worthy effort, but slightly different from fear and discomfort in the ocean.

The latter is not always gentle, uncontrollable, and very, very much alive.

Which is why I love it. There is only instinct here, in this wild place. And even when you are with other people, the effort is a solitary one.

This open-air cathedral can hold prayers large and small. This body of water can handle anything you can give.

The more I visit the sea, the more comfortable I become. Size, power, and conditions that intimidated me before slowly lose their fear factor.

This process of facing fear on an external level is sometimes easier than facing fear on an internal level, but the approach to both is the same. I see it as a lifelong practice that gets easier the more we do it.

Whether we choose to step off our solid ground and into unknown waters is often a choice, but sometimes we are pushed into unknown waters against our will.

The more I practice getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, the more grounded I feel in my life, the more clearly I can navigate my life, and the more rich my experiences become.

This, to me, is a crucial part of living fully and embracing the stable, the unstable, and the sweet balance between the two.

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