Ha is the Sanskrit word for sun, and Tha for moon.

I went looking for the moon yesterday evening, and instead I found the sun. The full moon was hiding behind a thick layer of clouds. Those same clouds that hid the moon also revealed the sun beautifully.

So it is with everything.

The same darkness that cloaks can also reveal.

The same light that reveals can also blind.

The same force that breaks can also build.

The same shadow that haunts can also shade.

The same fear that prohibits can also protect.

So when I go looking for light and find darkness instead, I will not turn away disappointed.

And when I seek dark solitude and find only light open spaces at every turn,
I will not cover my eyes.

When I push through to the other side, only to find the same old fear waiting for me,
I will smile and take it in my arms.

When I stoke my inner fire to a blaze, only for life to snuff it out,
I will warm myself with the ember that remains.

When I push myself out of the way so I can get where I’m going,
and find myself greeted by the same me I pushed out of the way,
I will know it is time to embrace her, finally.

To embrace it all. Finally.