The Spaces We Grow In

There is something really generous, almost fragile about beautiful, supported space.

This space can be indoors. It can be outdoors. It can be inside you. It can be outside you. It can be between you and another person.

It’s a space you can enter and exit with ease, and the more you frequent it, the more warm, inviting, and nurturing it becomes.

It is a space you can grow in, a space you can relax in, a space you can break in, a space you can heal in.

I’ve been in many different spaces the last few weeks and unconsciously absorbing all of them. It’s made me appreciate the sacred spaces in my life. The ones that I create and the ones created for me.

I intend to absorb them fully. I intend to frequent them often. I intend to let their floors and walls support me and open my eyes to what their windows reveal to me. I intend to trust them and myself inside of them, so that when I leave these spaces I will carry the seed of them with me wherever I go, planting them here, there, and everywhere, to sprout where they may.

There is a magic we create when we inhabit our spaces, our lives, and our bodies. This magic is palpable and contagious. It is real, it is powerful, and it is available to us if we are available to it.

Where is your sacred space?