This Life Will Break Your Heart

Three people we know have died this week. None particularly close to me, but close to my family.

I have lots of thoughts on death, on how our society deals with death, on how people deal with death. That’s for another time and place.

Here’s my bottom line:

This life will break our hearts.

Not just once. Over and over again.

It will rip us open, beat us while we’re down, shred our lives to pieces and leave us still breathing, with no choice but to get up and clean up the mess, while the process of picking up each piece breaks our hearts over and over again.

We are strong enough to do this. As individuals and as communities. As wives, husbands, children, parents, friends, humans.

We are strong enough to get through this as many times as we have to until the day we become part of the pieces someone else has to pick up.

It doesn’t hurt any less if you love any less. It just makes you wish you had loved more while you had the chance.

Don’t be afraid of your heart breaking someday. It will break. This is part of being human.

The question isn’t whether we will survive it. The question is will we have loved enough to make it worthwhile.

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