Time Change

More than the time is changing this week.

Instead of feeling the expected loss and disappointment from the sun’s absence and the “shorter” day,
I found myself feeling great comfort as the darkness settled in early.

The blazing sunset has been replaced by muted, dusky hues fading against a dark sky.

There is a solemnity in it,
a continuity,
a restfulness,
an ease.

As the seasons transition before my eyes, I do not feel left behind.

I feel carried along with it.

I watch the graceful hand-off from summer to fall
I see the ease and integrity in their exchange

I see the beauty in what arises
and in what falls away.

Winter approaches slowly,
with heavy, steady feet.

It is time for rest now,
for introspection,
for growth.

It is time for change.

The slow, subtle kind that you do not think you want,
that you do not know you can effect,
that you never dreamed of creating,
that you never thought possible

until the day you open your eyes and behold it right in front of you,
opening its arms
and inviting you into its wild embrace.