Safe & Sound

(You can find my full piece on this entitled, How Acts of God Empower Our Lives, at Intent!)

I’m sitting here in sunny California with my husband and my little dog fast asleep side by side. They are safe and sound. And alive.

Safe, sound, and alive.

This is so enough. This is so everything.

These moments we write off as nothing, as normal, as everyday life,

they are extraordinary
they are what we’re looking for

what we try to chase down and possess
unfolds before us every day

This is what matters
these small details.

I’m thinking about all of the people on the east coast. Perhaps they are safe and sound with their loved ones also.

Perhaps not.

The unpredictable and sometimes fierce nature of life has the power to uproot us, derail us, separate us, and even destroy us.

In light of that, isn’t it enough, this being here. This breath in our lungs. This roof over our heads. The beating hearts of our loved ones. The ability to reach out and touch them.

It is not permanent,

but it is enough.

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