Gratitude Board

I’m very fortunate to live where I live. It’s safe, it’s beautiful, and I have a lot of freedom and opportunity.

This is the case for many of us. Sometimes this comfort can make us indifferent to the value of life or to the small beauties everywhere. Over time we can slowly lose perspective. Then we have a bad day at work or something doesn’t go our way and we get irritated or bent out of shape. Things are so bad in our safe, beautiful, free life.

I often see myself falling into this pattern. I have to remind myself what’s important and to be grateful. This can be extra hard when we get tired and don’t feel like trying.

I suggested to my husband on the days we go to work, when we come home we write one thing we are grateful for about our day.  It can’t be something easy either. If we have something especially trying during the day, we try to squeeze the positive out of it and write that.

The picture is of our first one this week. Our second one went like this:

I am grateful for:

the sound of voice


the ability to laugh.

This is already helping us keep a healthier perspective during the week. How do you keep perspective and stay grateful?

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