Meditation To-Go

The title might sound a little too Walmarty or Starbucks-ish, I know, but give it a chance.

Meditation is a time-tested, ancient practice we are privileged to be exposed to and taught in our modern day. People practice meditation for a variety of reasons. They want to find themselves or lose themselves or get closer to “God” or embrace their being or heal themselves or find their truth or awaken kundalini or find bliss or center themselves…

Or none of the above.

If you’re interested in or already practicing meditation, the problem is usually one of time. We live in a fast-paced society and few of us can get entirely off the grid.

We start a meditation practice, get busy, intend to start again, get sidetracked. This is the reality.

Reality sometimes feels as cramped and limiting as a box. While we may find ourselves sitting in this box, we have the ability to move, think, and dream. We can stand up or sit down, walk or run in, out, or around our box. Sometimes we can reshape our box. Let’s turn it into a circle or make it transparent, so we can see out or reach out.

The sky’s the limit.

My box of late has not provided me with a meditation cushion and an hour of peace and quiet. After feeling derailed for a time, I just started reshaping my reality.

My husband is driving the car. We will be sitting for an hour or sometimes more.
I tell him, “I’m going to do my meditation now.”
I sit up tall, close my eyes, and step into the sacred space that is always waiting for me. I don’t time it or force it or fight it. My body and mind know when I’m done. I always rejoin him and where I am feeling more like myself.

I am getting my hair cut. Another thing on the neverending to-do list. The hairdresser is now going to spend 15 minutes blow-drying my hair. I can’t talk anyway and I have to close my eyes because hair is everywhere. Here I step into the space again.

I’ve written previously about meditating at the car wash. Another great place.

Meditation To-Go is not about getting somewhere fast or an easy fix for a busy day. It’s about reshaping our reality to make time for something valuable, healthy, and important to our well-being.

Wherever we find the time, the space will always be there,
waiting for us to arrive.

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