Stepping Into Stillness

there is a stillness beneath it all
that waits for me to arrive
breathless from running around all day
mind fluttering
body shifting
brain wondering how long this will take

it holds the same space for me
every time

it offers the same warmth
if I allow myself to feel it
it offers the same truth
if I dare to see it
it offers the same lesson
if I soften to learn it

this unwavering moment of me
releasing me
embracing me
forgetting me
remembering me
disowning me
allowing me

this keeps me coming back
every day

not for more,
but for less

for the meeting of mind and heart
for the melting of body and spirit
for the miracle of presence

stepping into the stream of time
I find it slows down magnificently

if I don’t try too hard,
it even stops.

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