On Transitioning Mindfully (Mindful Monday No. 10)

A few months ago, when I started the Mindful Mondays, my intent was to commit to my writing, to encourage me to stay inspired, and as a weekly reminder to reflect on the beauty and meaning that is present in every detail of our days.

That commitment and focus helped me invite more opportunities to write into my life. I am currently contributing weekly to IntentBlog and am getting practice writing on a variety of subjects and bringing my unique perspective to those topics.

This means I’m writing a lot. I’m learning a lot. It’s a transition I’ve never been through before. When going through transition, we sometimes feel like we bring all of our old stuff into a new place. I’ve tried this before, and I see it as if I was to try to walk through a door carrying five bags with me. It’s not as easy to walk through the door as if I had one bag or no bags. To transition truly is to “passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another.”

It is to transform.

I started seeing clearly where I am and what serves me now. The Mindful Mondays helped me get to where I am, but I don’t necessarily need that kind of incentive to write now. Letting them go also frees me up to write this blog weekly from my heart and prevents it from becoming routine.

This is the case with any transition we may be going through. Don’t just endure them. Don’t just survive them. Let them transform you. Let them ignite you. Let them deliver you to a new, unexplored place and a new, unexplored you.

I believe good writing flows from a place of truth, conviction, and vulnerability. It is not about phrasing, symmetry, or subject. It is not about writing what we think people want to hear. A 7-year-old’s rhyme, a dying man’s last words, or a love sonnet are all poetry because we hear the truth in them.

The unedited, open-hearted truth.

What is your truth?

Speak it, sing it, write it, paint it, create it. The world needs your contribution.

The world needs you.

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