Mindful Monday No. 9

I’ve been on the receiving end of beautiful conversations lately.

Here’s some memorable words I was privileged to hear that remind me of how being human is at once challenging and incredible.

  • Listening to a friend tell me how her three dogs had escaped and only two had returned. One had a broken back and the third is still missing. Through her tears she said, “I didn’t know how much I cared for those dogs. I always say, They’re just dogs. It doesn’t matter. But it does.”
  • My beautiful 54-year-old friend shared how she didn’t notice much difference from aging in her 40s, but in her 50s she’s noticing many more physical limitations. The line that touched me was, “I used to have the most beautiful legs.”
  • Catching up with a dear friend in her 30s. Discussing some difficult transitions she’s about to enter she said, “I talked to my best friend, who’s 71…” Her best friend is 71. What a wonderful testament to friendship and to honoring the wisdom that comes with age.

What humanity have you been privileged to engage with lately? Step into it fully. The beauty, the sadness, the pain, the aging, the heartbreak. The unfiltered, unedited, transparent moments of life hold wisdom and beauty. Stepping into these fragile, raw moments is not always easy, sometimes painful, and often heartbreaking. Step into them bravely, with open arms and open hearts. Let’s embrace, support, and connect with each other and with ourselves.

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