Mindful Monday No. 7

The best views are often from rooms with mountains for walls, pine needle floors, and blue sky ceilings.
We’re not always so comfortable here, in this room.  It doesn’t feel so safe or it feels a little exposed or it is all just a tad too raw.
Perhaps because it is reflecting back to us a reality of life we are able to forget or escape or ignore when safe inside our comfort zones, whether they have four walls and a ceiling or not.  The reality that safety is the mirage we keep thinking we see; the veil we unconsciously reach for; the lock we think we hold the key to.
True safety does not exist,  we are always exposed to the elements of life, and life’s most moving moments are the rawest.

I’m looking out the window of my comfort zone. I’m opening the door and stepping outside. In doing so I’m removing the ceiling from my life. I’m reaching for unimagined heights.  I’m dreaming wildly. I’m stepping out of my illusion of safety and onto the only path I am supposed to travel right now.

The one I’m on.