Mindful Monday No. 4

There’s moments, weeks, sometimes even years when the current of life shifts in your favor.  The wind is at your back, all the lights are green, all the doors are open, the path is clear… life is good.  This is often a result of us giving all we’ve got, refilling, refueling, reenergizing, letting go of our stories, labels and limitations, and stepping into our present, believing and t r u s t i n g that things will all fall into place as they should. Even when they don’t fall into the place we want them to fall, even when they are not to our liking, they are exactly where they should be.

These are the easy times.  These are the easeful times.  These are the times to get strong, get stable, get going.  

The other side of ease is dis-ease.  This can be physical, mental, or emotional.  A physical disease, a mental disease, or an emotional/mental dis-ease with life.  We run into it sometimes out of our own doing and sometimes out of pure chance.  Whether we run into it in ourselves, in our families, or in our friends, it can bring us to our knees.  

If we can learn to be at ease on our knees, physically and figuratively, it may not seem so impossible to find the strength to stand back up.  We will know how to navigate here, in this cramped, uncomfortable space, where we cannot or do not want to move; where we find it hard to breathe.  We will know it is all right to bow here, under the weight of life.  We will know when it’s time to rise, we have the power to do so.  And we will know instinctually when that time has come.  

Whichever side of life we find ourselves on, let’s step fully into our experiences.  Let’s give support when we can give support; let’s reach out for support when we need support.  Let’s navigate the cycle of life with understanding, compassion, and love for ourselves and for our fellow humans.  We are all in this together.