I’ve learned many “truths” throughout my life.  I learned my parents’ truth, I learned my friends’ truth, I learned education’s truth… I learned many truths.  

I was never asked what my truth was, perhaps because it was presumed I did not have one or what I did have could not possibly constitute a truth because I didn’t have enough education, experience, or indoctrination of other people’s truths.

I find more and more the only truth that serves me well is my own.  When I follow other people’s truths, paths, lives, I end up feeling empty and alone.  They leave me in their wake.  

The only path that does not dead-end is my own.  
The only truth that sets me free is my own.  
The only life that fulfills me is my own.  

There are priceless gems of knowledge to be gained by studying, learning, seeking other people’s truths, universal truths, scientific truths, and disputed truths.  There are, however, points in our lives, especially points that require decision-making, that we do ourselves a disservice by not honoring our own truth that will set us on our own path that will deliver us to our own life.

This truth is different for everyone.  It does not need to be defended or protected.  It should not be denied anyone.  It is our light to shine when we are filled, our light to follow when darkness descends, and the light that will reveal to us our strengths, our weaknesses, our beauty. 

This is our truth.  The truth of who we are.  It does not matter if other people believe it, see it, or acknowledge it.  We believe it, see it, acknowledge it.  We know it. 

This is the truth that will set us free.  Free to be ourselves, free to live fully, free to grow, to thrive, to be.