Mindful Monday No. 3

Five things I will do every day this week.

I will love more than I think I can.

Not just the people you like. Not just your family. Not just your friends. Love everyone. Every human being just because they are alive. Smile at them. The bum or the president, smile. Love everyone from the overflowing supply of love we’re all born with. Love yourself. Especially the parts of yourself you don’t like.  

I will give more than I think I have.

Give without expecting to receive. Give your love, your friendship, your ear… whatever you can spare, give it. Do not do it for gain or glory. Do not tell anyone. Do not check it off your to-do list. Just give. If you have it, give it, share it, split it, lend it, praise it, support it, encourage it, love it. Give of yourself to others and to you. It is not only enough. It is the best gift you will ever give.

I will trust myself completely.

Trust yourself. Trust the universe. You are exactly where you should be and you know exactly what you need to do next. Trust.

I will take what I need.

Refill yourself. Whatever you need, get it. Mother nature has plenty to give if we just take a walk with her. She will refill our souls, our hearts, our spirits. If you need wild, get in the ocean. If you need stillness, get thee to a park or the desert. If you need proof this works, stand under a waterfall or take a closer look at the stars. There is magic everywhere.

I will repeat this cycle until it becomes second nature.

Love, Give, Trust, Refill. Light up your life from the inside every day.  

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