New Moon Meditation

I’m attempting to organize a small, informal SIT (Synchronized Individual Transformation) session locally on the New or Full moon to help support, not just yogis who have a solid meditation practice, but encourage people who want to start a practice and provide inspiration for all.

Today was the first scheduled SIT.  None of the six to ten people interested in attending were able to make it.  I set up my space just as I would if everyone was present and instead of doing a solo meditation like any other day, today I envisioned all my teachers sitting with me.  By teachers I mean anyone who’s guided me in any way along my path.  My circle was quite large.

The value in doing anything as a group is the energy component.   We support, encourage, and connect with each other’s energy.  This is not always a helpful thing, as any of us who have experienced feeling drained by someone’s negative energy can attest to.  Given the symbolic and physical attraction between the moon and the earth, the New or Full moon seems the perfect time to come together and set new intentions, get new ideas, and reconnect with ourselves and our practice.  

Lighting up our own lives daily gets easier the more we practice.  When we light up our lives and our selves we need less external connection but enjoy it more.  We bring something to the world instead of waiting for the world to hand us our dreams.  This fire is contagious and illuminating.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the effect of group and lunar energy as it unfolds in the coming months.