I’m patiently watering my seeds of community.  Patience is the key here, as these things don’t happen overnight.
There were many years when I felt like I had lost any need for community. I’m still not sure which happened first; me turning my back on my community or it turning its back on me. 
It doesn’t matter because it all led me to this point right now, where I am finding great value and potential in joining and creating communities that support the direction I want to go in life, encourage habits I want to begin or maintain, and that provide safe environments for me to grow in.
I’ve committed to supporting whoever and whatever is presented to me, even at times when I feel like I need support instead.  Sometimes the only way to get support is to give it.  Same thing with love.
The only way for me to have something to offer up to these communities is to commit to myself first.  Commit to opening, commit to sharing, commit to engaging, even when it’s not convenient for me.
We often think first in terms of ourselves.  How does this benefit me?  What am I going to get out of it?  The possibilities are endless when when we shift that perspective to, How does this benefit US?  What are WE going to get out of it?  “Us” being whatever community we find ourselves in, “We” being the human beings who make it up.
The power of community is palpable and potent.  If we take care not to get carried away blindly by group momentum, we can access the power and potency to lighten our load, encourage us in our direction of choice, and provide a platform for us to connect with our fellow humans in the purest way possible.
How are you watering your seeds of community?

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