Facing fear

I believe it is the collapse we all fear.  The collapse of our structure, our lives, our routines, our beliefs, our existence.

The internal combustion from an external collapse that leaves us blind and lost and uncomfortable in every way.

Around this fear we build our lives.

It drives us in ways we don’t often realize.

Sitting with the fear by choice before it is forced on us is the better option in my view.  Not only does it put us more in touch with our true self, it will help us to be more present for other people in the midst of collapse.  

This is dirty work.  It is not pretty or easy and will burst our bubbles of control and pierce the armor of ego that sometimes seems impenetrable.  It will melt us, internally and externally.  This will happen to us whether we run from it or meet it head-on.  This process of digging deep or being dragged deep by life is easy to seemingly avoid by filling our bodies, minds, and lives up with food, alcohol, information and activity.  This only creates more layers to work through when we sober up to the fact that we get one body, one mind, and one life.  How we treat it or mistreat it when we’re young and throughout our lives will directly impact our quality of life as we age.

We have all experienced the power of life to melt us with its raw beauty and harshness.  It’s common to the human condition.  When we turn away from it in ourselves or in others we are cutting ourselves short and giving up on life.  It is not the time to give up.  It is the time to stand up and face our fears.

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