Mindful Monday No. 1

The beginning of the week strikes me as the perfect time to set any intentions we want to carry out through the week, focus on, or turn into realities.
I’m realizing the importance of ritual for me personally lately, and I have lots of ideas on how to integrate some mindful ritual into my schedule and life.  By ritual I mean creating a time and space at either a physical location or regular time for practices that keep me centered, grounded, and open.  Yoga, meditation, getting outside, maintaining and building my individual aura of energy and also working with expanding it.
Particularly, I’m tuning into the power of Sound.  From a simple hum to a collective chant to singing along with our favorite song to a guttural cry, the element of sound and how it resonates through the body and mind is a fascinating process to me.  I’m practicing combining Silence and Sound; so a few minutes of sound followed by a few minutes of silence and just noticing, appreciating, and absorbing the power of each to reset me in my present moment.
Setting the intention to slowly build in mindful practices throughout my week, I hope to create habits and rituals that will propel me fuller into the life I’m privileged to live.

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