Quality of Life

I find more and more that I determine my quality of life.  I see the richness and beauty in what is before me or I don’t.  I fight the circumstances I am given or I work with what I have.  I see people with labels and judgements or I see them for who they are.  I am intimidated by my surroundings or I stand my ground.  I let life and people wear me down or I rise to the occasion of each and every moment.
These are the choices we continue to make as life evolves and each day, each season, each situation presents us with different challenges.
It’s not always a choice of quality over quantity.  Often it’s a choice of finding the quality IN the quantity.  They seem mutually exclusive, perhaps because when things are calm and paced it is easier to find the quality in life, the meaning in things, the depth in each movement.  When there is more quantity in our life, more busyness, activity, stress of any kind, good or bad, it is harder to find the quality in the quantity.
It is still there, in each movement, in each interaction, in each moment.  We have to work harder at it.  We have to keep our focus strong on what is in front of us.  We have to keep flowing with each moment; soaking it up, letting it go, soaking it up, letting it go.  
When the quiet times come we will find we have not lost our quality in the quantity of activities, obligations, or to-do lists, but instead experience the quality in all our moments, regardless of the speed of life.

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