Opening Doors

All you really need is one person to show you the epiphany of your own power and you’re off. If you can hand somebody the key to their own power… the human spirit is so receptive… if you can do that and open a door for someone at a crucial moment, you are ‘educating’ them in the best sense. You’re teaching them to open doors for themselves.

“In fact, the exact meaning of the word ‘educate’ comes from the root word ‘educe.’ It means to bring forth what is within. To bring out potential.” – Aimee Mullins

Many of us have been fortunate enough to meet this one person, or more than one person, that was willing and able to show us our own power and potential. Ideally it would be our own parents. Often it’s not. Often we meet them much later in life.

There are many who have not yet met this person. They are unaware of their own power and potential and unaware of the impact they have on others. They are looking outside for answers that they will only find within themselves.

Be this person for someone else. We don’t need to be a doctor or an expert or a teacher or a parent to be this person.

We just need to be human.

We just need to have had a door opened for us so that we can point someone else in the right direction.
We just need to see them without their labels and reflect that back to them.
We don’t need to drag them to yoga or force them to meditate or preach to them.
We just need to believe in the power and potential of the human spirit that burns in all of us.
We just need to be present and open.

Plant seeds of belief and power in the people we meet, and then let them grow.