My 95-year-old grandmother still loves to dance and laughs at the smallest silliness.
I’m pretty sure dancing and laughing are the secrets to a long life… along with a few other things.
Today I’m contemplating transition, as I transition into my 36th year of life.
I made a list of the 36 things I love, 36 dreams I have, and 36 intentions I intend to become convictions before my next birthday.  I gave myself 36 minutes to meditate, a true gift.
The fear and doubt that sometimes arise in transitions… in the moment we move from where we are to where we’re going… in those moments I remind myself, This is why you are alive.  So many people don’t get this chance I’m getting.  To transition, to love, to grow, to live.
When we get to the other side of our transition we start to get comfortable.  We think, I’m here now.  I made it.  We want everything to stay exactly as it is.  It feels safe here.  We think we are balanced when nothing moves.
The act of being balanced actually requires a lot of movement.  Adjusting to the fluctuations is how we maintain our balance, how we stay centered.  Balance is not static. 
The practice of staying balanced and getting comfortable with transitioning through each stage of life is a lifelong process.  I hope when I get to be 95 I will have perfected the art of transitioning through life with ease and grace. 

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