Joining the conversation

A question was asked of me recently. 

“Can we have this conversation?”

The ensuing “conversation” was challenging but necessary.  It reminded me of when I first heard of this concept; that your most difficult conversation will set you free.  The one you hope I’m not talking about.  The one you don’t even have with yourself.

I am stepping up to and setting up space for these conversations more and more.  It is no easy thing, but it keeps my living authentic and real.  It tests my intentions and my convictions and takes me out of my mind and into my current reality.

No one wants difficult, but everyone wants freedom. 

Ideally, I’d be starting conversations all over the place.  I’m not quite there yet.  Here, where I am, I don’t even have to start the conversation.

I just have to join it.
I just have to say yes.  Yes, we can have this conversation.

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