Not too long ago I noticed an unusual attitude developing in me.  I was starting to get uncomfortable with being comfortable.

Not in a bored kind of way.  More of an alive kind of way. 
It wasn’t something I had tried to develop or work on or emulate, having seen it in other people.  Something had obviously planted this seed, but the resulting sprout was nothing I’d seen in myself ever before.
My mind was both fascinated and terrified of this new development. 
The fear came from a strong feeling this new attitude would put me into truly uncomfortable positions if I wasn’t careful. 
The fascination was with the freedom of not having to be “careful.”
It will wax and wane, this freedom and fear, this comfort and discomfort.  
The magic of having seen a new sprout in my old soul reminds me of the power of digging deep, watering your being, and providing as much light and space as possible. 
Growing is inevitable.

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